California Society for Histotechnology

A Continuing Education Program

About Us

California Society for Histotechnology is a non-profit organization, which has been promoting and encouraging growth in the field of histotechnology for over 44 years. We are dedicated to providing information and interactions which will serve to increase the knowledge and improve the skills of our members and other professionals in the field.

The California Society for Histotechnology is proud to be part of the National Society for Histotechnology. [Click here for more information about NSH].

Our Annual Symposium

Every year we present a Symposium/Convention to promote continuing education through which attendees may increase their knowledge and improve their skills. We intend to introduce emerging techniques and provide updates on routine procedures to insure that the professional capacity of our membership grows. We hope that attending this Symposium/Convention among peers will encourage participants to seek more information in this and related fields, and that all will become a more valued partner in the histotechnology profession.